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Human parts found at a cemetery in Thailand may be linked to black magic business

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Human parts found at a cemetery in Thailand may be linked to black magic business | Samui Times
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A large number of human parts contained in several bags was uncovered at a cemetery in the heart of Chiang Mai town today, prompting the police to suspect if the parts have any link with a grave robbery gang selling corpses for black magic purposes.

Police searched the crematorium at the Haiya cemetery located in Chiang Mai municipality where they discovered 17 black bags.

On closer inspection they discovered that they contained pieces of human flesh and other human remains believed to be from a local hospital.

The evidence was seized and has now been sent for forensic investigation.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Pacha Rattanaphan, the deputy commissioner of the 5th Region Police, revealed that in the past, this cemetery had been commissioned to cremate human remains from a local hospital.

But authorities had ordered that the practice be halted about two years ago.

But he said the undertaker still persisted and continued to clandestinely carry out cremations.

Police investigation has also revealed that this cemetery was used by the abbot of Wat Din Chee temple located in Doi Lor district in Chiang Mai province to purchase human body parts from Yai Boon who is the wife of the undertaker for black magic ceremonies.

Police are in the process to summon the abbot for questioning.

More worryingly, police have also uncovered that other temples have also bought human remains from the cemetery either for black magic rituals or fetishism and will be investigating the matter further.

They are now probing into possibility the human parts may link to black magic business.

A few days earlier in Udon Thani province in the Northeast, a monk had been arrested by police for allegedly stealing a corpse from a local cemetery and chopping off the head of another corpse for black purposes.

The monk has denied the allegation but confessed to visiting two graves at Ban Nonsa cemetery to find lottery numbers from corpses.

Police said the monk claimed he could provide winning lottery numbers using details from bodies of people who were murdered or killed in accidents.

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