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Hundreds of Thais flock to marry at “The District of Love” on Valentine’s Day

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Hundreds of Thais flock to marry at “The District of Love” on Valentine’s Day | Samui Times
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Immigration Chief Lt-Gen Surachate Hakparn has told the Thai media how a change in police tactics means that Nigerian romance scammers and their Thai accomplices will no longer get off the hook. 

Previously Lt-Gen Surachate – known as Big Joke – said that romance scammers were just charged with fraud.

In such cases victims could withdraw complaints if they were compensated by the scammers. 

This led to some walking free and being able to repeat the crime on others. They were previously just not scared of the Thai law.

Now this is not the case. 

Commenting on the recent case of a gang of Nigerians and Thais operating out of Malaysia Surachate said that those responsible would be charged with fraud committed against the Thai public – a charge that cannot be withdrawn by the payment of money. 

Hundreds of Thais flock to marry at

In addition investigative work by the police’s tech arm has meant that those involved in the latest case can be charged with conspiracy and money laundering that will ensure they pay for their crimes with long jail time and are not free to re-offend. 

The latest arrest was of Nigerian Nadoo Buchi Kenneth Oti, 40, and a Thai woman called Kanokkarn Charnkla, 27, and six other Thais that INN did not name in their report. 

They are believed to be part of a large gang now being moved back to Thailand from Malaysia.

Previous reports suggested the gang was targeting Thai women in Chiang Mai. 

Surachate once again warned the Thai people not to fall for the scammers. 

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Hundreds of Thais flock to marry at
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