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Husband arrested for killing wife as a sacrifice to God

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Husband arrested for killing wife as a sacrifice to God | Samui Times
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Samut Prakarn provincial police yesterday arrested a 44-year-old man after he killed his wife as a sacrifice to God.

Police seized numerous books and texts on spiritualism in his room after the claimed spiritual killing was revealed.

According to police, the arrest came after the man, identified as Jessada Chamitra, told his coworkers that he had killed his wife in his room as a sacrifice to deities.

They then went to his room where they found the dead body of Ms Pongjit and reported the matter to the police.

Jessada was later arrested. He admitted to the killing but said he killed her to sacrifice to the ‘Thep Mekharat Goddess’.

Questioning of his relatives revealed that Jessada was always depressed and became interested in spiritualism.

Sometimes he also claimed he was possessed by God and wanted bloods as sacrifices.

His relatives said he had read a lot of books on the matter and had committed the crime believing that the sacrifice of his wife would appease the ‘Thep Mekharat Goddess’ and bring peace and harmony to the world.

During the reenactment, Jessada was not the least distressed or affected by what he did appearing inattentive and unperturbed.

After the reenactment police then escorted him to the Samut Prakarn Provincial Court for permission to detain him for further questioning.

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