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Husband of woman found chopped up in Chaing Mai arrested for her murder and mutilation

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Husband of woman found chopped up in Chaing Mai arrested for her murder and mutilation | Samui Times
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The husband of the woman found dead and cut into pieces in Chiang Mai on Valentines Day has been arrested for her murder. Suree On-sanit, 46, was the owner of the Jasmine Thai Massage and Spa. Her body was discovered cut into six pieces and wrapped in slightly burned plastic bags.

On the 15th of February police located the woman’s husband at the Dhamma Retreat and questioned him. 42 year old Phipat Kantima admitted that he had murdered his wife. He told police that he had been working away in Turkey and regularly sending money home to his wife. Despite the odd visit home he had not realized that she had been investing the money he had been sending in the spa. One month into his last visit home he noticed his wife’s phone was connected to Line while she was in the shower, when he read the messages he realized she was having a romantic conversation with another man. He went on to say that later an argument ensued during which his wife grabbed a knife and threated to kill him, then while trying to defend himself he accidentally stabbed her to death in the stomach, he also sustained injuries to his hands. When he realized she was dead the man said he went into shock and decided to cut her into pieces in the same way he had recently seen on news reports about the murder of a Spanish man and had intended to drop her body parts into the Ping River. However the injuries he sustained to his hands prevented him from cutting her into small pieces and with no transport to move her he decided to try to cover up the murder with a fire. He then placed her body parts on the bed and set a series of fires connected with wicks, he lit one of the fires and then ran off unaware the fire had gone out before it could do any real damage. His bloody clothes were found under a Buddha statue in the home, this discovery led to his confession.

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