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Iain and Elaine Marshall Share Details of Ferry Explosion

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Iain and Elaine Marshall Share Details of Ferry Explosion | Samui Times
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A new recount of the doomed ferry that killed 12-year old Shani Maril, who was on vacation as a Bat-Mitzvah present, has been released by her grandparents, Iain and Elaine Marshall.

fatal ferry accidentThe couple was onboard the ferry when they heard the explosion in the engine room and saw smoke. As fire overtook the boat, passengers rushed to the front deck as the little girl was stuck in the back of the boat.

A crew member jumped into the water and the couple followed. A lifejacket was thrown to the couple, but on the ferry, none of the passengers knew where the lifejackets were kept. After the ferry sank into the water, matters got worse for the couple.

Losing the entirety of their luggage, the couple was left to fend for themselves – with no passports. The biggest issue is that the British Embassy in Bangkok did not provide adequate support to the couple. Instead, they stated an emergency passport costing £95 each would be required.

Even with travel insurance, the couple was not able to retrieve their money and had to call on Ian’s boss to send money to cover their return home.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Offices has stated that they are providing consular assistance to all passengers that were on board the Ao Nang Princess 5

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