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If you are 40+ unfit and overweight the Samui Times needs you!

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If you are 40+ unfit and overweight the Samui Times needs you! | Samui Times
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Many over the over 40’s on Koh Samui would like to improve their level of fitness, lose weight and shape up, but as we all know, especially around Christmas, it’s one of those things on your ‘to do’ list that is just too easy not to get around too. And even when we do think about how to get in shape the idea of going to a gym full of toned bodies, martial arts enthusiasts and hot young chicks is enough to send shivers down the spine of any 40+ seriously out of shape person, let alone the time, travel and cost involved. Being in that range myself I decided to find a solution to Samui Times v Super Pro challengethis problem so approached Robbie at Super Pro Samui to set him a challenge to get the islands worst offenders up, working out, getting fit, getting in shape but in a non threatening environment, with no harsh gym equipment routines and with absolutely no military style regimes. My other criteria was that it must be fun, enjoyable, affordable, flexible, out of the way of fit people and of course all done to music of our era the 70’s and 80’s. Feeling rather smug that he would not be able to provide such an experience I was rather shocked to find that he and his team were more than happy to step up to the challenge. Robbie then approached certified and experienced trainer Lidor Zarur to help set up the challenge having recently opened a new gym with him that has been designed to focus on functional strength and fitness classes. Lidor was taken on as a partner by Robbie who saw him as an essential ingredient in the success of the new gym, that we will use, and his skills, experience and expertise are for setting up a class that will specifically meet our needs.

Together with Lidor recently a new gym was opened. A gym that has been designed to focus on functional strength and fitness classes

So, what the Samui Times, in conjunction with Super Pro Samui are looking for now is flab, bingo wings and beer bellies, people who have never step foot in a gym, people who have really let themselves go, or simply just got lazy to join together for private fitness classes that are suitable for even the truly out of shape. Our plan is to form a group who will support each other, motivate each other, have fun together and change their lives together in the New Year. We are also looking for local sponsors to donate prizes along the way as a bit of incentive for those of us who turn up the most, lost the most weight, put in the most effort and give the most encouragement to the team and for those prepared to help out with a car pool for those with no transport. This is a great opportunity to have fun, meet new people, form a new social group and do something positive for our health and lifestyle and of course end up looking less like the island unfit this time next year. If you are interested in being part of the Samui Times v Super Pro Samui challenge in the New Year please contact


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