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Immigration officers to face severe disciplinary action

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Immigration officers to face severe disciplinary action | Samui Times
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The Royal Thai Police vows severe disciplinary action on immigration police if they were found to provide convenience for Lao drug baron Xaysana Kaewpimpa.

Deputy commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Pol Gen Rungroj Saengkhram revealed that the Immigration Bureau has been ordered to setup a committee to investigate the disturbing development in which no records exists indicating Xaysana’s entry and departure from Thailand’s border with Laos in Loei province.

He said if any officials are found to be complicit in allowing the drug lord to enter and leave the country clandestinely they will be slapped with severe disciplinary action as well as criminal charges.

The action followed after the drug baron’s entry and departure from immigration office in Loei was not recorded.

In response to the tremendous backlash on the social media by Laotian citizens for Xaysana’s release, Pol Gen Rungroj insisted that Thai police had more than enough evidence to prosecute him.

In another development, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Gen Prawit Wongsuwan also confirmed that Thai authorities was conducting the investigation with the greatest care and strictly adhering to correct legal procedures.

He reassured everyone that the investigation will be handled professionally and social media outcries had no direct relevance in the case.

He instead advised the Thai media to adopt more concise and responsible reporting and avoid knee-jerk response in order to create a media splash.

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