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Immigration police to tighten visa overstaying from March 20

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Immigration police to tighten visa overstaying from March 20 | Samui Times
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Beginning March 20, the immigration police will tighten check on foreigners overstaying their visas in Thailand under the military junta’s order announced in November last year.

Under the order, overstaying in the country for up to five years could face entry ban of up to 10 years in case of prior reporting overstaying to immigration police.

However, failing to report overstaying and is caught by immigration police, 10 years ban will be imposed even the foreigner overstaying for just a year.

The new rules and regulations on overstaying announced by the National Council for Peace and Order on November 27, 2015 will become effective March 20.

The announcement is aimed at certain group of people who enter the country illegally, working illegally, and stopping transnational criminals.

According to Immigration Bureau commissioner Pol Lt Natthorn Prohsunthorn at the meeting with business operators who employ foreigners to work in their premises, overstayed foreigners are required to report to immigration police before March 20.

Those failing to report will face longer entry ban than those who report, he said.

He urged all business operators to give information on foreigners working or living in their premises for sake of peace and order, and also for national securiry reason so as to enable effective control and monitoring.

But he said the tougher law enforcement was intended to tackle foreigners entering the country illegally, working without work permits, and transnational criminals, while those entering legally and work legally won’t be affected.

He said beginning March 20, foreigners reporting overstaying their permitted visas for 90 days to immigration police will be banned from entry for one year.

Overstaying for one year faces three years ban, while overstaying for three years faces five years ban, and overstaying for five years faces 10 year ban.

But for those failing to report overstaying and are caught, they face five year ban for less than a year of overstaying, and 10 year ban for over a year overstaying.

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