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Increasing cost of limes causing distress – packet noodles prices on the increase too

Samui Times Editor



Increasing cost of limes causing distress – packet noodles prices on the increase too | Samui Times
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The ongoing drought in Thailand has caused the cost of limes to sky rocket. The combination of lime trees producing less fruit and the weakening economy has driven consumer prices up and many vendors are struggling with the situation especially in the Yala district where a single lime can cost as much as 16 baht. It has now been requested that the government come up with measures to alleviate thelimeir plight.
Reports also said there have been investigations on lime prices across markets nationwide. On average, one whole lime can range between 10 to 12 baht. A sack containing 140 limes can cost up to 2,100 baht, which is more than double the prices in March. Limes of a smaller kind in Ayutthaya Province are priced around 7 to 8 baht each, and a large lime can cost around 15 baht.

On top of that instant noodle makers have increased the prices of their products due to decreased sales. Some noodle companies have already increased product prices on the back of rising production costs annoodlesd it looks like the rest are ready to follow suit.

The prices of instant noodles have increased by 25-50 satang per pack; however, under the present regulations, each pack will have to be sold at no more than 6 baht apiece. A slower economy and the increase in the cost of living have prompted the public to spend less of their income on consumer goods — affecting the sales of instant noodles in turn.

Somchai Pornratanacharoen president of the Association of Thai Wholesaling and Retailing has called on the government to quickly address this issue in order to allow more competition in the market, adding that he hopes a new government could soon be formed in order for the country to move forward.

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