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Info November 2014 Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation‏

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Info November 2014 Dog and Cat Rescue Samui Foundation‏ | Samui Times
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I have extremely good news today! Because of all the kind sponsors around the world we were able to buy the anaesthetic machine necessary due to the shortage of anaesthesia in Thailand. In the past several months we have faced the problem of not having enough anaesthetic for performing sterilizations and castrations and other necessary surgeries. What could we do? Thanks to all our supporters we are able to continue to help the dogs and cats of Samui

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWerner and I will be in Germany from the 17th until the 30th December. We will not be available by telephone or email. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The shelter and clinic will remain open while we are away. In an emergency please call our manager

Khun Wit 087-895 8928

This month we had a visit from the children of the International School of Koh Samui (class 6)
The children learned a lot about what we do and the importance of being kind and caring to animals. They donated 1700 Baht.


Operation list October 2014


Dog (Female)

Dog (Male)

Cat (Female)


Cat (Male)










Thank you very much for all your help. We hope we can count on your continued support so that we can make even more progress in the future. We believe our efforts to make Koh Samui more animal-friendly have made it a happier and safer place for tourists, for which the tourists are grateful. Our four-legged friends are most grateful for your contribution!


Best wishes


and the DCRSF-Team

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