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Innovative Engineering on Koh Samui

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Innovative Engineering on Koh Samui | Samui Times
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Koh Samui an idyllic Island in the sun with stunning beaches and beach bars. A place where people come to unwind and relax with Innovative Engineering on Koh Samui | News by Samui Timestheir families. On the other end of the spectrum a place where backpackers and tourists in most occasions only see a sunrise when they have consumed a few too many buckets infused with a mind numbing dose of whiskey and a large quantity of a certain energy drink resulting in droves of revelers stumbling around like extras in the Walking Dead. This incredible little island with all its beaches, fine cuisine and bars that offer everything the heart and liver desire is not the kind of place one would expect to see innovation in the field of engineering.

As a matter of fact had some one said this to me I would probably think to myself that the individual in question is still coming down from a full moon party buzz.

Innovative Engineering on Koh Samui | News by Samui TimesHow ever I would be sorely mistaken. On this little Island two individuals from different walks of life and continents came together to engineer something truly unique, something any expat and local would confirm is a true rarity. They have created something they call Hyper Glo Electric Paint – that can be turned on and off with a simple switch. I know that sounds mundane, but not when you can apply this technique to a motorcycle or car.

It can be fully customized by color, design, text or logo and even over larger surface areas. Its powered by the motor vehicle’s battery, now I know what your thinking this is some strange and tacky accessory that you stick on you bike or car but this is not the case – it’s the actual paint that glows. One layer of paint acts as a conductor, the second acts as a capacitor and the third illuminates the image what ever that may be and with a life span of 30 to 50 thousand hours when lit Innovative Engineering on Koh Samui | News by Samui Timesdepending on the size. Speaking of size, even though some might say bigger is better, if one wanted a small intricate design to glow in unison with music this can be achieved via a mobile app for your smart phone this applies to larger designs as well of course. The entire system can be controlled remotely if you choose to. This Hyper Glo Electric Paint can be applied to almost any surface area even boats the possibilities are endless as long as there is a power source.

These individuals from Bright Knight Customs in Koh Samui have truly come up with something unique and to think that this the only place to get this product in all of Asia is something that still boggles the mind.

Koh Samui an Island in the land of smiles, home to unforgettable days and nights and to innovative engineering, who would have thought that.

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