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Insurance claim refused by the UK’s NatWest after a savage attack in Thailand

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Insurance claim refused by the UK’s NatWest after a savage attack in Thailand | Samui Times
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Megan Ogden 26 from the UK and her two friends were brutally attacked on the first night of a three week holiday in Thailand. The attack took place in the girl’s hotel room in Bangkok, two of them were left unconscious. Megan was repeatedly struck in the face and needed stitches, one of her friends was left with serious injuries, the other with her jaw broken in two places. All three women were left traumatized not over the attack but because the attacker was never caught. After the attack all three women wanted to return home as soon as possible to their families.

meganHowever on their return to the UK and after months of chasing her travel insurer, Natwest, Megan’s claim for five hundred pounds was refused, the reason? Her insurers claim that there was no reason for her to have returned to the UK after the attack and they maintain she could have stayed and enjoyed the rest of her holiday.

Megan, who lives in Bristol with her boyfriend said that after the attack her face was so swollen, she was in shock, she did not feel safe as her attacker was still at large and her only wish was to return home to her family she went on to say that “No one with any human decency would have expected me to stay in Thailand after such an attack”.

The Natwest markets itself as a bank that values customer service, and boast that it makes everyday banking easier, its latest advertising campaign claims to welcome customers to a ‘Simpler, clearer and fairer banking system’.

Megan, who works for an insurance company herself spend fifteen hundred pounds on her trip to Thailand in April and checked that her travel insurance, that comes as part of her fifteen pounds a month NatWest current account would cover her trip.

After the attack one of the women needed to undergo an operation, even though she was discharged herself, Megan stayed in the hospital with her friend, she said it was the only place she felt safe. A British Embassy representative visited them there and helped them report the crime to the police.

Megan said that when she called the NatWest she became concerned about her claim because the staff member she spoke to said “so physically, you can continue with your trip then?” She told the staff member how much she had suffered and said that she just wanted to go home, the staff member gave no objection. Back home she called them again and finally felt able to write to them about her horrific experience and detailed her claim that included one hundred and twenty four pounds for her medical treatment, thirty seven pounds for dental treatment, and one hundred and nine pounds to cover the fee she paid to change her flight, a one hundred and seventy one pound refund for internal flights and hotel accommodation she would not use and one hundred and eighty one pounds for phone call charges incurred after the attack.

After much correspondence and phone conversations Megan eventually got a cheque from the insurance company for just over seventy six pounds, it came with no explanation as to why it was so much less than she expected. After a UK newspaper heard about the case they contacted NatWest who eventually agreed to pay three hundred and ninety five pounds towards her dental costs, flight change fee and compensation for distress caused.

According to a report in a UK newspaper A spokesperson for NatWest said: ‘We apologise to Ms Ogden for the delay she experienced with her claim. This was due in part to the need to ensure we had all the information we required to progress it.

‘We have now made a full offer to Ms Ogden covering all the aspects of her claim. We have also offered compensation for the delay.

‘As an additional gesture of goodwill, in light of the very difficult circumstances Ms Ogden has faced, we have covered the costs of calls made while on holiday which are not ordinarily covered by her insurance.’



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