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What is Insurance?


Insurance is a means of protecting against financial loss. This is a type of risk management, mainly used to protect against the risk of a contingent or uncertain loss.


Different Types of Insurances


Here is a small summary of the main types of insurances we recommend you should get when in Thailand.


Health insurance: health insurance will save you hundreds of thousands of baht for medical expenses.


Car insurance: with the number of car accidents in Thailand every year, we recommend that you get car insurance.


Personal accident insurance: as long as you have personal injury insurance and health insurance, you do not need PA insurance because you have private insurance.


Life insurance: If you want to leave something for your dependents, get life insurance. Otherwise, life insurance may be optional.


Property insurance: if you own home in Thailand, you will get property insurance. You can miss it if you borrow it.


Travel insurance: If you are travelling to or around Thailand, get travel insurance.


Business insurance: If you’re running a company in Thailand, business insurance is voluntary and depends on how risky the business is.

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