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International Flights Ban Extended Until End Of June




International Flights Ban Extended Until End Of June | Samui Times
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The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand has extended international incoming flights to Thailand until at least the end of June. This was apparently done as the government still has concerns over Covid-19 outbreaks.

With restrictions changing at the drop of a hat, it seems that for now any foreigners trying to fly into the Kingdom will have to wait until at least July.

The current measures, however, still allow chartered repatriation flights of Thai citizens, military aircraft, emergency and medical flights.

With the government rolling out the second phase of Covid-19 relaxation measures, there are five airports that are currently allowing limited domestic travel. Those airports are: Chiang Mai , Chiang Rai , Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang and Hat Yai.

Once again, those wishing to use those airports can expect seats to be spread apart from each other and check-in procedures to require health-related documents. Below is the announcement from the CAAT regarding the international flights extension.

SOURCE: The ThaigerInternational Flights Ban Extended Until End Of June | News by Samui Times

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