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Thailand…June 13, 2016–The International School of Samui (ISS) Science club near-space balloon project was a resounding success. The students let by their science teachers, Mr Edmonds and Miss Mooney, built and launched a weather balloon to view the layers of the atmosphere as well as the curvature of the Earth. The launch point was from a Thai school playground on the mainland close to Surathani town, Thailand.

ISS logoThe balloon, capable of ascending 30kms into space, was fitted with a GPS to track it and GoPro Camera which recorded the footage. The path of the balloon was recorded throughout its journey and despite the best predictors the final destination was unfortunately way off track.Its final destination was the deepest jungle in Tai Rom Yen National Park and Mr Edmonds commented: “The final landing spot was possibly the worst place for our balloon to land”. However, with some luck and hard work it was finally recovered and the footage put together for this innovative launch never undertaken by any school in Thailand before.

The footage was entered into the Annual COBIS Schools Science Competition with the International School of Samui being awarded 2nd place overall for its near-space project.

A personal message from the International Space Station (ISS) in Space, wishing ISS luck in their endeavours, from Major Tim Peake was a welcomed addition to the final project and ISS would like to thank Major Peake for his support. Congratulations went to all the students who had the amazing opportunity to be part of this project and contributed to ISS achieving this incredible record and result.

The Council of International British Schools (COBIS) science competition is an annual worldwide science award aimed at strengthening pupils’ and schools’ commitment to science. The competition receives entries from International Schools on all 4 corners of the Globe. Last year ISS was awarded 1st place for Chemistry and 1st Place for KS2 entry for its project on “Fireworks”.

The video can be viewed by going to this link:

Science at the International School of Samui is an integral part of the curriculum and is studied as soon as children join the kindergarten and throughout their primary years. In the Senior School, sciences studied include Chemistry, Physics and Biology which at iGCSE level count towards two iGCSE grades allowing students to access courses at A-Level, IB Level or equivalent, ultimately leading to careers in the fields of medicine, medical sciences, teaching, engineering, astronomy, aeronautical industry as well as environmental sciences. Pupils at the ISS benefit from two state-of-the-art, fully-equipped science rooms, one for Senior School students and one Primary School pupils where their passion of all sciences is honed and developed to a high standard.

The International School of Samui offers education from 2 years to 18 years in 3 distinct schools (Kindergarten, Primary & Senior). The school was founded in 2007 and is a licensed British Curriculum school, a certified Cambridge and Edexcel examinations centre, is fully accredited by the Education Development Trust and is a member of COBIS​ (Council of British International Schools) and FOBISIA (Federation of International Schools in Asia).



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