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Introducing Carly Jones – the Cake Fairy in Koh Samui

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Introducing Carly Jones – the Cake Fairy in Koh Samui | Samui Times
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Koh Samui has a new and exciting way to literally ‘add the icing on the cake’ for your celebrations – Carly Jones the Cake Fairy. The Samui Times caught up with Carly to find out what it is that puts the sparkle in her wand that helps her to create her cake magic! Here are the answers to our burning (or is it baking) questions!

How did you get into baking cakes?

cake 1I got into baking and decorating from a young age influenced my my mother. My mum always used to made me amazing cakes every year for my birthday that I never forgot. I then started helping her make them and then started baking cakes for friends and family, where I got a lot more experimental with 3D sculpted cakes and using different cake stands, and it all went on from there.

How did yourself baking in Samui?

My husband and I have been coming to Samui for many years and we eventually decided that we would love to live out here, I started showing a few people cakes I had made back in the UK and I had a brilliant response. It took me a long time to get the baking right, as it turned out to be a lot different than in the UK, however once I cracked that I was well away.
What sort of cakes can you create?
I can do cupcakes, single and multiple tiered cakes. But my favourite type of cakes to do are 3D sculpted cakes and cakes with a bit of imagination put in.
cake 3How do clients convey their cake dreams to you?
Clients can bring me a photo, or give me a theme and I can design them a cake until it is exactly what they wanted, they can also choose from cakes I have previously done shown on my Facebook site or photos of cakes they have seen.
Two of my favourite cakes I have created are the horse and the hulk. The horse cake came about by my client bringing me in a picture of her daughters favourite horse and asked if I could make it out of a cake. The hulk one was originally meant to be Spider-Man until his favourite changed a few days before, when I then had to combine the hulk a and iron man.
I can bake a lot of different flavoured cakes, but my favourites are still the classic English sponge with a variety of different fillings.
How do you, and your cakes, cope with the climate?
I use stabilisers in a few of the fillings to help them stand up in the heat, the fondant icing works best for the humidity out here unless the cake can be refrigerated right up until eating, then chocolate ganache is heavenly.
One of my cakes I’ve made went on the hash harriers walk and stood up to the heat brilliantly, as did the ones that have gone out on the boats with no where to store them.
The wedding cakes I have done here I prefer to deliver near the time they will put it out on the beach or ask for them to be kept in a cold air conditioned room.
cake 4What sort of order time do you need?
I prefer to have 7 days notice for a cake, however if the design is simple then I can also do last minute cakes.
What else are you up to?
I am starting children’s baking classes, from the comfort of their own home with groups of up to 6 children learn how to bake and decorate cupcakes. If they don’t have an oven I can bring the cupcakes already baked and we do the decorating. First we learn how to make animal toppers.
I have a new concept I am bringing to Samui, this is where I bring a plain white iced cake and my edible paints and then all the family, or friends can create a masterpiece, write messages or just doodle onto the cake creating an incredibly personal cake that won’t be forgotten . This is this most heartfelt cake anyone could receive, perfect for all ages, birthdays, Mother’s Day, get well soons etc.
cake 2Also I have had the pleasure of working with an engineer here on Samui and have been given the use of an incredible cake stand. This cake stand moves to reviel a hidden platform in the middle, it plays music or voice recordings and has changing lights. I make the cake to fit then add a song and adjust the movement and lighting to fit. This is a world exclusive and I the one and on,y stand here on Samui to use. This is great for any occasion but especially proposal cakes with the ring hidden inside which will raise up when the music starts.
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