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An invitation for the Daughters of Naughtiness

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An invitation for the Daughters of Naughtiness | Samui Times
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This Saturday the 9th of November it is 70’s night for the Daughters of Naughtiness!

daughters of naughtynessWe are invited to join in the fun at Bar Ice, but as usual it will be with a twist.Daughters will be VIP’s with 70’s snacky food and drinks (think Curly Wurly’s, Pop Tarts and things on sticks:))

Get on your 70’s gear and practice those Saturday Night Fever Dance Steps, it’s going to be an evening to remember.
The lovely ladies from Salika will be there from 7.30pm to 9pm, with a selection of wigs/ false eyelashes and all the other sparkly things needed to look good on the disco floor for you to buy (with a percentage going to the school)they will also do your make up for a small charge:)

We’ll be raising funds for the Special Needs School which will include a whip round later for our special “treat” later in the evening, if you know what I mean ladies!

We start at 8pm officially, but come along from 7.30pm if you would like to be made over 70’s style

chairty night at ice bar


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