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Irish man with memory loss reunited with his family

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Irish man with memory loss reunited with his family | Samui Times
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Francis O’Brian from Louth in Ireland spent his Christmas holidays in Thailand. He was due to leave on January the 10th but did not make his flight and was found wandering around the streets of the Thalang district in a disorientated state last Saturday.

Some kind hearted locals took the man to the police station, where he told officers he was on holiday but was unable to tell them why, or how he was there. The police identified the man from his driving license, but let him go when he requested as he had no sign of injury or other problems.

missing thailandThe man’s family had been in contact with him before he went missing.

His daughter Jennifer O’Brian said, “I knew he went on holiday, and I had regular contact with him to start off with, but then I heard nothing for three weeks, I was really worried, my sister Nicola, who lives in Rishton and is pregnant was also very concerned.”

On Wednesday Mr. O’Brian was found at Phuket International Airport getting ready to fly home, mush to the relief of his daughters who said “he is a lovely Dad but he obviously enjoys himself a little too much, and a lot of people have been very worried about him. He obviously enjoyed his holiday. I can’t wait to hear the stories; I think he has a lot to tell”.

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