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ISP Sevices News – The latest news from ISP services news in Thailand and abroad. Keeping you up-to-date with updates including breaking news articles, headlines and information.


What are ISP Services?


The Internet Service Provider (ISP) is an organisation that offers Internet access, use or participation services. Internet service providers can be organized in a number of ways, such as corporate, community-owned, non-profit, or otherwise private.


Internet services usually offered by ISPs include Internet connectivity, Internet transport, domain name registration, web hosting, Usenet service, and placement.


Internet in Thailand

Thailand was granted Internet access in 1996, the third nation in South East Asia to do so. Forty-one million people have daily exposure, fewer than two-thirds of the population as of June 2016. According to a survey conducted by Ookla in 2015, Thailand also has the sixth fastest Internet speed of 18.9 Mbit / s behind Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and China.

Internet service providers in Thailand


Rights to operate as an internet service provider in Thailand are granted by the NTC (National Telecommunications Council)


Some of Thailand most popular internet provides include:










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