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Israeli murder: new twists as Thai father claims Shimon murdered his daughter

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Israeli murder: new twists as Thai father claims Shimon murdered his daughter | Samui Times
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A Thai father has gone to police to claim that the Israeli man who has admitted murdering a compatriot has killed his daughter too.

Nantiya Saeng-urai, 37, has been missing for a year. She is the wife of Shimon Bintan, 50, who has admitted to the murder of Eliyahu Cohen, 50, on Wednesday.

israli-murderShe is also the mother of a son, Ben Bintan, 17, who the couple had together.

And in a further twist police say Shimon has given a reason for killing his friend. They say he has admitted that he did it out of jealousy because Eliyahu had sex with his wife.

Also neighbors reported seeing a mysterious “pregnant” woman visiting the premises where the body was found but she had stopped coming recently.

The wife’s father Anan Saeng-urai went to Bang Bua Thong police with her picture yesterday to claim she has been murdered by the suspect.

He said that he had gone to see Shimon to enquire about her whereabouts after he lost contact with her.

Anan said that he was told by Shimon that his daughter had been arrested at the border on Nong Khai by Laotian authorities on a drug related matter.

But contact he had with the Laotian embassy failed to turn up any evidence that this was the case.

Anan said that he had asked Ben, the son, about his mother and the youth had said strangely that he had never met her, that he didn’t know her.

This was despite the fact that he had been brought up by his mother for ten years while Shimon was in prison for another abduction and murder committed in Kanchanaburi.

When Shimon had come out of prison after serving ten years he was deported to Israel but later managed to come back to Thailand and take his son with him.

According to Anan, Shimon returned to Thailand in 2015 and his daughter returned to live with him in Bang Bua Thong. She then disappeared. Now the arrest had happened he went to police about his concerns for his daughter.

He said the notion that Ben does not know his mother is absurd – he said he went with her to get his first Thai ID card just last year.

Police took Anan to the rented house as investigations into this aspect of the case continued.

Meanwhile, Shimon told police on Sunday that he killed Eliyahu – who was found entombed in concrete in a storage room under the stairs in the house – because he had sex with his wife.

He was taken on a reenactment to the house. reported that the case has moved fast after Shimon was caught on CCTV using the victim’s credit card to buy black plastic bags, moth balls and razor blades.

He also attempted to buy luggage. interviewed neighbors who gave some further tantalizing details. They said that Ben was seen talking at length with both his father and the victim. He had spoken to the victim in a car.

They said father and son had lived in the house for about two years.

Recently they had seen a big framed, tall woman who they thought was pregnant visiting the house frequently. But this mystery woman had not been seen for some while now.

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