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Italian man caught sending skulls to Thailand

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Italian man caught sending skulls to Thailand | Samui Times
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Police in Burundi have discovered dozens of human skulls during a search of the home of an Italian expatriate, officials said Sunday.

The Italian national, identified as Giuseppe Favaro, has been in custody in the small central African nation since late October after he was caught trying to export two skulls to Thailand.

skull“Everyone in Burundi is stunned and shocked by this, because it’s the first time we’ve had such a thing. Even anthropologists stopped doing this kind of thing a long time ago,” police spokesman Helmenegilde Harimenshi told AFP.

He said Favaro, who has lived in Burundi for around 10 years, had been buying the skulls for $50 (around 40 euros) each and selling them for $300.

However it remained a mystery as to what the skulls would be used for and why they were being sent to Thailand, adding that Burundi had asked Interpol to help with the investigation.

“We discovered a package at Bujumbura airport containing two skulls, and investigations established it was sent under a false name by Giuseppe Favaro, an Italian,” Harimenshi said.

“Police then discovered 36 human skulls during a search of his house, along with other incriminating evidence,” he added.

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