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Jailed British man in Thailand says he was sexually abused, robbed and beaten behind bars

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Jailed British man in Thailand says he was sexually abused, robbed and beaten behind bars | Samui Times
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A British man who has lived in Thailand for the last two years found himself behind bars after being involved in a motorbike collision with a French man and Thai passenger who had no lights on their bike and were not wearing helmets.

Mr CampbellThe motorbike crash in a Rayong province left Mr David Campbell injured and a 68 year old woman dead in March last year. After being hospitalised for broken ribs, severe cuts and bruises and almost losing an eye Mr Campbell told reporters that he was thrown in jail where he was stripped naked and assaulted by prison guards. He has now been released on bail but may face a manslaughter charge in relation to the crash.

Mr Campbell has since been released on bail from jail but could still face charges of manslaughter as the family of the deceased push for charges to be brought against him. After being released from hospital Mr Campbell voluntarily went to the police station to tell officers he had been involved in a crash, he said there was no record of the incident at the police station leading him to assume the matter was closed, however six weeks later he was dragged to the local police station where he was told he would be facing an assault charge. Mr Campbell claims officers on duty tried to force him to sign a confession after his phone was confiscated and he was denied access to a lawyer as well as British Consular assistance.

Once taken to a police cell the man’s friends tried to bail him out, the police initially asked for 10,000 baht but that figure soon sky rocketed to ten times that amount. Mr Campbell says he was shackled to three other prisoners before being thrown into a cell with 30 hardened criminals for three days, before being transferred to another prison for two weeks where he was beaten and robbed by other prisoners in the cell.

Mr Campbell said the 14 months he spent in jail has ruined his life and put in thousands of in debt after borrowing money for hospital and legal bills. He went on to say that he is still not entirely sure what he is being charged with and maintains he has done nothing wrong. The case continues on the 30th of May, when French lawyers told him he may face charges of manslaughter.


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