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Japanese expat accuses the police of extortion

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Japanese expat accuses the police of extortion | Samui Times
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According to a report in Thai PBS a Japanese man has accused three police officers of extortion. The report reads “Three police officers were ordered arrest after they were accused by a Japanese businessman of extorting money from him.

The arrest came after the Japanese man, Kigushi Masato, 36, owner of an entertainment venue in Silom area, complained with Yannawa station police that he paid one million baht to three men whom claimed they are police officers.

He said the men came to his room at the Empire Tower on South Sathorn road on September 5 and told him that his Thai wife and her friend were involved in a drug trafficking ring.

They took him and his wife to a safe house where they demanded him to pay three million baht if he wanted the case to be gone in the air. But he said he had only one million baht to offer, they agreed and set them free.

He later decided to lodge complaint with Yannawa police.

Investigation later revealed the three men are real police officers. They are Pol Lt Col Pongtawat Kongsua, a general staff officer attached to Metropolitan Police Division 6, Pol Lt Kritpakon Niemson, a Crime Suppression Division officer, and Pol Sgt Maj Wirasak Paosu at Phra Khanong police station.

Yannawa police later sought court warrant for their arrest which was granted last week.”

Later in the Khaosod English publication it was reported that two of the police officers accused of extortion have been expelled from the Metropolitan police after failing to appear when summoned by their superior officers. “They didn’t come to work. They didn’t show up to acknowledge their charges, so we fired them, in accordance with disciplinary regulations,” said Police Gen. Sriwarah. “Now that arrest warrants have been issued on them, police can arrest them anywhere they are found.”

It is unclear whether the third officer, Police Senior Sgt. Maj. Weerasak Phaosu, was expelled as well.

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