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Japanese golfers sexually assault Thai caddies

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Japanese golfers sexually assault Thai caddies
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Netizens from Thailand and Japan condemned a group of Japanese golfers who posted a video to the Instagram platform sexually harassing Thai caddies on a golf course.

Incredibly, some Thai netizens believed sexual assaulting caddies is OK if they earn a bigger tip. Some slammed the vile behaviour while others made it known that the caddies were afraid to speak out because they might get fired.

A Japanese Twitter user, @nyn3ama, posted the offensive video of the golfers and Thai caddies with a caption that said…

“Japanese men sexually harassing Thai women on Instagram. Some Japanese men think that they can do anything to Thai women.”

The original video was posted on the Instagram account, matsui5555555, but it has since been deleted from the account or removed by moderators.

The video shows a group of Japanese golf players sexually harassing Thai female caddies in different ways. They touch the women’s bodies and grope their bottoms. One golfer asked one of the girls to hold a sex toy and a condom. Another asked a woman to touch his penis. He later put a picture of a penis on the video near the women’s faces.

Some caddies joined in the video trying to make light of the situation while others said no to the sexual exploitation.

There are several more sexually explicit videos on the account. One post shows a video under the skirts of some female golfers, another of a female golfer peeling off her underwear while another video shows Thai caddies holding a sign that says “creampie and slut,” etc. The account is set to public so anyone can see the posts.

Dozens of Japanese netizens condemned the video saying the Japanese men are destroying the good image of their country. Many Thai netizens agreed to add their behaviour was unacceptable.

Some former caddies said they consent to the actions because they got more money. One woman revealed that other types of caddies are hired to entertain the players and not give golf advice on the course.

Sadly, one netizen commented that Thai people have to accept that this is part of Thailand’s sex industry.

SOURCE: Khaosod | Kapook

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