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Jealous policeman murders wife and daughter before committing suicide

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Jealous policeman murders wife and daughter before committing suicide
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A police lieutenant driven by a jealous rage murdered his wife and teenage daughter before committing suicide.

Officers from Tung Kru Police Station were called to a resident’s home, in Soi Pracha Uthit 54 in Bangkok, yesterday morning and found the body of 57 year old Pongsakorn Thawekaew and his 39 year old wife, Benjawan Wuttisarn, in one bedroom, and the body of their 14 year old daughter, Chantapittaya Thawekaew, in another bedroom. All 3 were dead with gun shot wounds to the head.

Officers also found a black Mercedes-Benz parked in front of the house. Blood was on the passenger seat and armrest, and one empty bullet shell was found near the vehicle.

The dead officer’s son from a previous marriage had alerted police to the incident. He revealed his father had married 3 times and Benjawan was his third wife. The son says 6 people lived in the house, including his father, stepmother and stepsister. He also lived there with his aunt, older sister, and her boyfriend.

The son says he heard a gunshot and went to investigate. He witnessed his father carrying the dead body of his stepmother and saw that his stepsister had been shot too. He says he tried to save Chantapittaya and dashed out of the house to seek help from a nearby public health centre. When he returned home he realised he couldn’t save her. It was at that same time he heard another gunshot, the fatal shot of his father’s suicide.

Police revealed Pongsathorn and Bejawan had clashed on a number of occasions over the past 2 weeks regarding another person outside of their relationship and determined that a “jealous rage” was the motive leading to the tragedy.

SOURCE: Thairath | MGR Online


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