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Jealuous Thai husband sets fire to his wife on Sukhumvit Soi 22

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Jealuous Thai husband sets fire to his wife on Sukhumvit Soi 22 | Samui Times
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A jealous Thai husband poured thinner on his wife and set fire to her as she sat beside him in the passenger seat of a car in Sukhumvit Soi 22 yesterday.

man-sets-fire-to-his-wife-thailandThe bizarre incident happened in broad daylight after 42 year old Somboon Phondee went to pick up his wife Sophitta after her shift at the Marriot Marquis hotel.

Witnesses said a jealous argument broke out between the pair on the hotel steps. After the rowing couple seemed to calm they drove off in a Toyota Corolla, reports Daily News.

But further down the road locals were shocked when flames started shooting out of the front passenger compartment.

Somboon, who was driving, is believed to have doused his wife in thinner and set fire to her. He was seen to jump out on fire himself and the flames engulfing him were extinguished by passersby and he was “arrested” by concerned citizens.

Meanwhile his wife was on fire in the passenger seat. A good Samaritan got a fire extinguisher and managed to save her. She crawled out of the car and slumped to the tarmac.

Both were taken to hospital with multiple burns. Police found the car smoldering with a completely destroyed iPhone burnt out on one of the seats and a cigarette lighter in the compartment.

There was also an opened beer bottle and an opened beer can in the car.

Police are studying CCTV and interviewing witnesses to the drama before deciding what charges to lay in the case.

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