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Jellyfish colonies off Phi Phi spark fears of big quake

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Jellyfish colonies off Phi Phi spark fears of big quake | Samui Times
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The emergence of colonies of red and purple coloured jellyfish off the coast of Koh Phi Phi in recent days has sparked fear among some villagers and tourists that another, more deadly quake is nigh.

Some tourists had reported itching sensations after swimming in the area off Phi Phi where jellyfish were spotted.

Following the latest quakes, photos of the jellyfish began to circulate on social media, initially posted by Facebook user Varaporn Aekpradit.

jellyfish Phi PhiSocial media consumers soon began to speculate that it was a sign from nature that another, more devistating earthquake may occur soon.

However, authorities are urging residents not to entertain superstition and speculation at this point, since it is quite normal for colonies of jellyfish to emerge with the shifting of the monsoon winds – from the northeast to the soutwest – during this time of year.

In March, villagers thought that the emergence of millions of crabs on a beach in Krabi was also a sign from nature.

On May 8, a sick dolphin washed ashore in Phuket, and later died en route to research centre, but the exact cause of sickness has yet to be determined.

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