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Jellyfish warning signs go up at Samui and Bang Saen beaches

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Jellyfish warning signs go up at Samui and Bang Saen beaches | Samui Times
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Jellyfish warning signs are now posted on the beaches of the country’s famous tourist destinations, Samui and Bang Saen, after a dozen of tourists have been stung and injured.

Jelly fish warnings SamuiIn Samui’s Lamai beach, signs were erected warning of the invasion of beach by the jellyfish after two tourists were stung while go swimming in the sea yesterday.

The signs were posted by business and jetski operators on the beach warning of swimming in the sea after the dangerous jellyfish were sighted.

The two tourists were given first aid treatment with vinegar water by the beach guards, before taking them to hospital.

Both were later said by doctors to be in safe condition.

A jetski operator said almost 10 tourists were stung by unknown species of jellyfish last week at Lamai beach.

Meanwhile in Bang Saen district of Chonburi, warning signs went up on the beach after a large number of jellyfish were sighted.

Department of Marine and Coastal Resources’ head of the Eastern Gulf research centre Mr Supawat Kanjanatirek said large number of jellyfish were sighted and washed ashore at Bang Saen beach is a natural phemenon during this season.

He said fishermen were reluctant to go out fishing jellyfish because it fetches low price and the sea is turbulent.

Earlier there was report that fishermen at Bang Saen and Ang Sila were making 1,000 baht earning a day from selling jellyfish.

They sold them to buyers who said the jellyfish would be fermented first before selling.

Chalarmkao lifeguard at Bang Saen beach warned of swimming in the sea during this season as dangerous jellyfish were sighted.

They said they would use vinegar water to treat people who were stung first before sending them to hospital.

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