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Join our pre weight loss competition meeting on Sunday 13th of October at the KarmaSutra in Bophut

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Join our pre weight loss competition meeting on Sunday 13th of October at the KarmaSutra in Bophut | Samui Times
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There are only a few spaces left in the Samui Times weight loss competition and we invite you to come and join us at the Karmasutra Café in Bophut at 2pm this Sunday (13th) to come and find out more about losing the pounds and feeling good about yourself.

This completion runs for one week and during that week under the supervision of our weight loss expert Anzhela Shurina you can expect to lose seven pounds of fat in seven days. At the start of the challenge there will be a weigh in and the contestant that loses the biggest percentage of body weight during that week will win a month of free personal training from Anzhela.

The great news about this competition is that you do not have to leave weight loss to chance. This competition is a unique opportunity to lose weight by following a well planned juicing program that was created by bestselling author Jason Vale that has been perfectly adapted by Anzhela. During het week the participants will receive education about easy and natural weight loss as well as weight maintenance, education about fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle, all of the juices you need for the week, support from weight loss team mates, workouts with Anzhela, a workout and meal plan to use once the program has finished.

W e have just had news from Anzhela that now there is even more reason to join here is a note fro her.

I really want all of you to succeed in the program: this week(14th – 20th) is going to be introduction. We as a team are going to do food diaries that I will analyze. We will have 2 meeting where I’ll teach you about healthy lifestyle and how to keep your weight off after you lose it, stay healthy without feeling deprived and how to stay fit without spending a huge amount of time in the gym.

For each of you I will create a nutrition plan based on your preferences and food diaries and your goals as well as exercise program that you can follow no matter what lifestyle you have. Then the next week(21st – 27th) we all concentrate on juices and smoothies and trainings to get the most out of it and after you come out of the program you will have all the knowledge to continue getting fitter and healthier.

By the end of the program I want you all to have everything you need to change your lifestyle to become fitter, healthier, happier to enjoy your life more!

If you are interested in dropping a dress size in just a week and winning a moth of free training then come along and join us at 2pm at the KramaSutra and take a small step into a firmer, healthier and more confident life!

The cost to enter the competition is 4,500 baht per person and includes all juice/meal replacements for the week, email support, consultations, weigh ins, work outs and meal plans.

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