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July 29th is National Thai Language Day

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July 29th is National Thai Language Day | Samui Times
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On July 29th 1962 His Majesty the King paid a private visit to the Faculty of Arts at Chulalongkorn University where he met with students and lecturers to talk about problems with using Thai words. During that meeting the proper use of Thai was discussed and the King gave advice on the preservation of the language, the importance of using correct pronunciation and local dialects.

On July 13th 1999 the Ministry of University Affairs received a proposal, from Chulalongkorn, the country’s oldest university, suggesting the 29th of July should be named National Thai Language Day to honor his Majesty the King on the occasion of his 72nd birthday, and so it was proclaimed that the 29th of July be National Thai Language Day.

Today the Thai language will be celebrated around the world and the American Embassy have marked the day by making a short video of their favorite Thai words, why not take a few minutes today to brush up on your Thai and put a smile on a few Thai faces!

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