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Just a few reasons why the new iBike electric bikes in Samui are so incredibly awesome

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Just a few reasons why the new iBike electric bikes in Samui are so incredibly awesome | Samui Times
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When it comes to getting around Koh Samui, or Koh Phangan for that matter, your options are pretty limited. You can choose from hiring a car that can be pricy, renting a motorbike, that is not idea especially if you have never ibike Koh Samuiridden one before, hope you can wing it on the occasional songtail taxi, use the local taxi service that can cost an arm and a leg or walk.

However thanks to a couple of French guys the residents and visitors of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan just got given a really cool new alternative, the electric bicycle.

When it comes to describing why these bikes are so super cool it’s hard to know where to start and the list of reasons why they are so great is pretty endless but here are a few pointers.

Electric bicycles are like regular bicycles so if you can ride a bike you can ride one of these.

There are a few models to choose from, men’s, ladies and more powerful bikes for off road enthusiast.

You do not neediBike Koh Samui 2 a driving license to enjoy an electric bike.

Electric bikes are silent, eco friendly, economical, easy to use and very practical and can go between 35 and 45 kilometers and hour.

You do not need to be super fit to enjoy exploring the island on an electric bike, you can use it as an ordinary bike and then at the touch of the button the motorized battery kicks in and does all of the hard work for you. When you are ready to use up a few calories just flick the switch again and it’s back to a regular bike.

Electric bikes are a great way for families and friends to go out exploring the island, especially if they have mixed fitness levels, those who like to use their own power and energy can do so, those with a lower level of fitness can flick the switch at any time and let the bike do all the hard work for them.iBike Koh Samui 3

Electric bikes are a great way of getting around on a bicycle without the physical effort needed by a non motor powered bike and that means that you can use them in the hot tropical heat of the islands without getting heat stroke.

You don’t have to stop for gasoline.

Electric bikes are a great way to increase your fitness level, just take one out a few times as week and slowly increase the self propelled option.

You can rent an electric bike for however long you choose, if you would like it for more than one day you will be provided with a charger, it taibike koh samui 4kes just four hours to recharge the battery that will last for around 50 kilometers.

Electric bikes will allow you to explore the mountainous interior of the islands without the level of fitness you would need to do it on a regular bicycle.

It is ridiculously easy to park an electric bicycle, they come with locks for security as well as a helmet for your safety.ibike koh samui 5

Electric bicycles are so much fun and offer unlimited access to every inch of the islands. This is a super fun activity for any age and any level of fitness and a really addictive, affordable hobby.

If you want to have more fun on a bicycle than you ever imagined you can rent a bike from iBike opposite the Peace Resort in Bophut on the ring road in Koh Samui or at Angels Bay Restaurant on Hin Kong Beach in Koh Phangan.

For more information you can visit the iBike Facebook page by clicking here or by call 087 031 6056 for Koh Samui and 09 377 51920 for Koh Phangan

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