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Justice Minister: ya ba should be excluded from list of narcotic drugs

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Justice Minister: ya ba should be excluded from list of narcotic drugs | Samui Times
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The Justice Ministry has been consulting with relevant agencies about the proposal to exclude methamphetamine or Ya Ba from a list of narcotics drugs and to treat is a normal drug so as to convince drug addicts to come forward for treatment and rehabilitation.

yaba should be off the banned list says ministerAddressing a meeting today (Thursday) on direction and policy regarding worldwide narcotic problem, Justice Minister Paiboon Kumchaya said that after 28 years of waging war against narcotics drugs, the world has not succeeded in winning the war and more people are hooked to the drugs.

He said that several governments had started rethinking about how to “co-exist” with narcotic problem since they cannot win the war against drug abuses. He likened the drug abuse problem to a man suffering from incurable cancer with the doctor trying to figure out how to make the patient live with a certain degree of happiness with the cancer.

The justice minister said that he had been pushing for an overhaul of narcotics laws which seek to authorize the court to use its discretion to change the imprisonment for drug addicts so that they will be subjected to treatment and rehabilitation instead of incarceration.

He claimed that, in medical science, methamphitamines are less hazardous to health than cigarettes and liquor but the society at large accept cigarettes and liquor as normal.

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