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Kanchanaburi chase drama as two hoodlums shot dead by police

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Kanchanaburi chase drama as two hoodlums shot dead by police | Samui Times
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Two men in a Toyota Vios were shot dead by police after a long chase through Kanchanaburi town and the surrounding area.

two-shot-dead-by-police-in-thailandThe men in the car broke through several checkpoints firing guns as they went. Finally after their tires were shot out and they still refused to give up police decided to shoot them, reports Manager Online.

Dead in the car was Nattawut Withakhathong, 32, a Nakorn Pathom native and another man as yet unidentified. Both men were heavily tattooed.

Top cops were on the scene to determine who the pair were and why they had fled the checkpoints. Apart from three guns used to shoot at police the only thing found in the car was a quantity of anti retroviral tablets.

The drama began about 2.30 pm at a checkpoint when police beckoned the Vios to stop. It stopped but as the driver handed out his license he suddenly revved and sped off.

Police gave chase and radioing ahead other vehicles and motorcycles joined in. Shots were continually fired as the Vios broke through roadblocks set up in the Tha Muang and Nong Khaw areas after the chase had traversed many roads in the downtown area with the offending car driving against the traffic flow.

Finally police and soldiers had stopped all traffic on Route 324 as they thought the public could be in danger. At 4.30pm the tires of the vehicle were shot out.

Still the occupant now in their disabled vehicle refused to give up and the decision was taken to shoot into the body of the car and kill the occupants.

The vehicle was found to have a fake registration.

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