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Khon Kaen Hospital are sending small teams to collect blood from home

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Khon Kaen Hospital are sending small teams to collect blood from home | Samui Times
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The Khon Kaen Regional Health Promotion Center 7 works with Khon Kaen Hospital to send mobile units to obtain blood donations from homes.

Yesterday, Dr Sujira Kwasaen of the Regional Center said that mobile teams would visit homes in Muang District. she says…

“If there are three or more people who want to donate blood, they can contact the Regional Health Promotion Centre, and we will send a vehicle to their homes,”

“Though these mobile units are small, they meet the standard at every process. Before taking donations, the doctor will screen the donors thoroughly and study their medical history. The doctor will also find out if the donors have had any contact with potential Covid-19 patients.”

Dr Sujira says normally Khon Kaen Hospital has supplies of 3,000 to 3,600 units of blood every month, with 2,000 to 2,500 coming from mobile blood donation vehicles and 1,000 from people who donate at the hospital directly.

“However, most factories, communities and department stores have cancelled blood donation events due to Covid-19 outbreak, which has caused Khon Kaen Hospital to postpone some surgeries,”

“Khon Kaen Hospital has to use blood to treat emergency patients or those who have blood diseases like thalassemia. The hospital already has more than 200 such patients. But with the Covid-19 outbreak, the hospital’s blood stock is in crisis. Normally, 200 units of blood are kept in stock and the hospital uses 120 units of blood every day,” She adds that blood collected in this new donation drive will be used in Khon Kaen Hospital and another 28 hospitals in the province.

SOURCE: The Nation

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