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Kidnap fears grow for missing Russian couple in Phuket

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Kidnap fears grow for missing Russian couple in Phuket | Samui Times
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On the 20th of April 2013 Russian couple Alexei Slabinskiy and his girlfriend Yana Strizheus arrived in Phuket. The 39 year old finance broker left Russia telling friends and family that he was heading to Thailand to learn the language.

But, what started out as a charmed life in Kamala, turned into something of a nightmare on March 7th. The alarm wasMissing Russians 1 first raised when friends and relatives received calls from the couple who said they were in trouble and urgently needed USD100,000 to solve some unexpected problems. Later the calls simply stopped and concerned family members raised the alarm.

On the 13th of March, things took a rather more sinister turn when Yana called her sister to tell her she had been kidnapped. According to her sister, in a conversation that lasted around thirty seconds she said “if I don’t arrive back in Vladivostok in Russia tomorrow, that means I am already dead.” The Royal Thai missing Russians 2Police and the Russian Embassy have been informed of the situation and the police in Kamala told the Phuket Newspaper that an investigation into the disappearance of the couple is underway. Alexei and Yanna’s relatives are also flying out to Phuket to help with the search and they are calling on members of the public to keep an eye out for the couple and let the authorities know if they see them.

f anyone has any information about Alexei and Yana, please contact Royal Thai Police, email or call:

Andrei Smirnov: +66 82 277 3502 (English & Russian)

Tatiana Novoselova: +7 908 442 26 48 (Russian)

Dmitriy Voronov: +7 985 997 46 25 (Russian)

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