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Kids or dogs? Who are more important?

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Kids or dogs? Who are more important? | Samui Times
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Amarin TV went to a village in Saraburi where six children have been savaged for months by a group of vicious dogs.

The owner says they are cute and blames the children.

Kids or dogs? Who are more important? | News by Samui TimesBut the neighbors have had enough and are insisting the police finally take action after months of attacks.

Reporters firstly spoke to Tawin Sakphuangmee whose two grandchildren have been repeatedly attacked since May.

Nong Kampan (a boy) and Nong Pat (a girl) showed signs of new and old wounds to their bodies and limbs.

It started with a few small bites but now the attacks have increased in severity requiring hospital visits.

The parents of another child called Um said they feared the child would be blinded in one attack requiring hospital treatment.

Amarin spoke to the owner of the dogs who keeps them running free behind his house most of the time.

The dogs seemed fine when he was around but their demeanor changed when his back was turned. they started barking and behaving aggressively.

He said he lets them out to defecate in the neighborhood only at night. He said they were lovely dogs that wouldn’t hurt anyone without reason.

He blamed the children for annoying his animals and stepping on them.

The neighbors have repeatedly confronted Somkhid who has responded with some cosmetic measures that didn’t last more than a day.

They said their children don’t annoy the dogs and they fear worse injuries will result if the animals are not forced to be located elsewhere.

Somkhid took them to leave at the temple at one point – the monks told him they have too many already and told him to take them back home.

Nong Khae police are investigating.


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