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Kim K thought about adopting Thai orphan, she literally says on TV

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Kim K thought about adopting Thai orphan, she literally says on TV | Samui Times
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Taking a break from modeling, kickboxing and whatever else you do when filming a reality show vacation in Thailand, one of the Kardashians decided she wanted a child ‒ specifically a Thai orphan she’d met.

After visiting an orphanage during their trip in Thailand, Kim felt compelled to adopt a young Thai orphan, Pink, after the child gave her a bracelet as a parting gift.

kim k adoptionAfter that sweet moment, Kim kept thinking about Pink a lot. Literally.

“Her name was Pink and I literally cannot stop thinking about her,” she said the most recent episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. “I told Kanye; I was like honestly, like this girl is so sweet and so cute; I would totally adopt her.”

Her own mother, Kris Jenner, totally spoiled the moment by telling Kim that you can’t just “shop” for a child.

But Kim was undisturbed. She was so motivated to have this girl in her life, she asked the manager of their resort hotel if he thought it was possible to adopt Pink.

No, he said, shattering Kim’s hopes, it’s impossible for them to adopt in Thailand.

But, he literally told them they could spend some of their money to do something to improve the children’s lives.

So the two women squealed in delight and ran out to purchase a bunch of toys and a swimming pool for the children.

And another magical hour of television reached a tidy conclusion with the family revisiting the orphanage loaded with goodies and Kim bearing a gift for Pink to thank her for the bracelet.
Other events that took place during the trip included Kendall being butt-groped by a stranger at a beach bar, Brody fervently searching for a Muay Thai boxer beau for Khloe, and the Kardashians lighting lanterns to “release their worries and stresses up into the sky,” according to E! Entertainment.


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