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Kindergarten child raped by fellow pupils in Ubon school

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Kindergarten child raped by fellow pupils in Ubon school | Samui Times
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Sanook reported on an alarming case from a school in Ubon Ratchathani in Thailand’s north east. 

Kindergarten child raped by fellow pupils in Ubon school | News by Samui Times

A grandfather and grandmother, guardians of a female child in the third year of kindergarten, said their granddaughter was raped by three boys in the school toilets in December. 

The school initially denied it happened then changed their tune and offered 10,000 baht hush money. 

The grandparents have a hospital report that said the little girl was raped. Now six months after the incident they are seeking full justice. 

Back in December of last year the grandparents noticed blood on the leg of the little girl and blood flowing from her vagina. They took her to hospital where doctors confirmed she had been penetrated. 

The little girl told them that after lunch she had gone to the toilet. Two fellow kindergarten boys from her class and a boy from P2 (the second year of primary and perhaps aged about 7) who were standing by some trees followed her in.

The two kindergarten boys then sexually assaulted her. 

The grandparents said at first the school did nothing. They said it was impossible that such a thing could happen as they looked after the children well at the school. 

They went so far as to blame the grandparents for trying to defame the school and get money. 

However, when the hospital report was presented to them they changed their mind. They apologized and offered the family 10,000 on the condition they were not reported. 

They said it could affect their funding, reported Sanook. 

The case ended up with the public prosecutor but the boys concerned could not be prosecuted as they were under 10 years old. 

Now the matter has featured on a social justice page on Facebook as the family of the little girl seek proper compensation and restitution from the families of those responsible. 


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