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Klong 13 canal road sinks 3 metres below surface level

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Klong 13 canal road sinks 3 metres below surface level | Samui Times
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More canal roads in Bangkok’s eastern suburb adjoining Pathumthani province sank forcing authorities to seal off traffic and putting up warning signs for safety reasons.

roads sinking in BangkokThe erosion of soils along the canal roads running paralleled to canals to sink during the past weeks came from the severe drought that have dry up canals.

Latest subsidence was reported last night on the Klong 13 road that links Lam Lukka district with Thanyaburi district of Pathumthani.

More than 100 metre section of the canal road sank, with some spot sinking up to five metres from the surface level.

The new sunken section is located seven kilometres off the other section which has sunken a week ago.

Fortunately no vehicle used the road last night, otherwise it would have caused injuries if unaware motorists drove on the road.

Warning signs were now put up and the road was sealed off for safety reason.

One local officer said he just drove along this canal road yesterday to inspect its safety and found no crack or had any sign that it would sink further.

But it sank abruptly last night, he said.

He said it was too dangerous to drive along canal roads at night and now warning signs have been put up warning to avoid using or driving along dangerous canal roads at night.
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