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Knicker nicker nicked – Singburi ‘pervert’ done for theft of 4,000 undies

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Knicker nicker nicked – Singburi ‘pervert’ done for theft of 4,000 undies | Samui Times
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A serial knicker thief was arrested by police yesterday who found a treasure trove of undies at his house in downtown Singburi.

Much of the collection of bras and panties belonged to two pretty local sisters who run a beauty shop nearby. They nicker theifhad posted CCTV footage on Facebook recently complaining their undies kept going missing from a line beside their house, reports Thai Channel 3.

Finally a village headman heard their plight and advised police to take an interest in a Ton Pho district man who looked suspiciously like he might be responsible.

Manop Sarawan of Singburi police took an investigative team to the house in question and found a huge cache of “evidence.” The owner of the house, Sayan Khongsunthorn, 49, was out working in Ang Thong but was soon caught with his trousers down, figuratively not factually, and admitted his love for stealing women’s underwear.

“I have stolen underwear many many times,” said Sayan. “I liked to put it on after I stole it.”

Local beauties Jemjira and Kesara Phromsri were taken by police to Sayan’s house to confirm ownership finding many items belonging to them.

They had become fed up with constant thefts from their washing line next to a beauty shop they run in muang district of Singburi called “Rak Phom Mai?” (a play on words that could mean ‘do you love me’ or ‘do you love hair’). So they posted CCTV pictures on Facebook that prompted action.

A nearby village elder Priwech Muangmai of Ton Pho district told police that Sayan “looked like the sort of perverted guy” who might have snatched the knickers.

Wanna Khumkhrong,51, (not pictured) was another victim. The close neighbour of Sayan said:”He stole from me at least three times from my washing line but I had no evidence.” She inspected the house too and now has her evidence.

In total police found 4000 items of underwear that Sayan admitted he had stolen while out on his motorbike in the Singburi area over a period of ten years.

Officers collected the undies loading up many fertilizer sacks of evidence.

No charges have yet been laid against the knicker nicker.

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