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Do you know the woman stealing phones on the beaches of Samui?

Samui Times Editor



Do you know the woman stealing phones on the beaches of Samui? | Samui Times
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The Samui Times has had reports that there is a Thai woman who sells bikinis on the beach, but also does a neat sideline stealing phones and iPads from people who have gone swimming and left their valuables on the beach – wrapped in their towel more often than not. She patrols the beach seeing who has what, and then waits for them to ‘hide’ their phone etc before they go swimming… she then calmly walks to their towels and takes whatever is there, and quickly leaves the area.

In Maenam she has so far had an iPad and an iPhone (2 different strikes), but hasn’t been seen the last few days. She possibly moves around the island to the less populated beaches looking for victims… so people need to be aware of her.

She is normal Thai size (ie: not too tall), around her 30s (difficult to estimate her age, but somewhere between 25 and 35 years old), is of normal build (not fat, not thin)… she seems to have a partner too… a woman of similar age, but rather ‘chubby’ – bordering on ‘big’.

It would be great if anyone has seen her to comment on this article so we can get an idea of her habits. Would also be interesting to know if anyone else has ‘lost’ anything while they were swimming too, and if anyone has a better description… or even a photo of her if she is spotted.

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