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Koh Samui Hospital guidelines

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Koh Samui Hospital guidelines | Samui Times
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Koh Samui Hospital Has issued guidelines to comply with the Department of Disease Control and Ministry of Public Health. They are asking residents and visitors to abide by the following…

  1.  Restricting all areas on the hospitals ground and introducing checkpoints, which will include:
    • Checking patient fevers with thermometers
    • Checking the contact history of each person to determine whether they are at high risk or not.
    • Checkpoints will include distribution of hand wash/disinfectant and masks
  2. Guideline measures for medical personnel:
    • All staff must be aware of how to distinguish which case is a medical emergency from one that is not.
    • Discharge patients with little to no signs of Covid-19 virus to return on a later date, prioritising high-risk cases.
    • Use home delivery service for sending medical supplies to patients/local residents homes.
    • Create more awareness online to avoid the increase in infection.
    • Apply social distancing – increase online communication between patients and hospital staff.
  3. Preventing infection by limiting human contact and airborne infection by keep hospitals as clean as possible, especially in the emergency room. ei. lift buttons, door handles, etc.
  4. Managing waste and cleaning by separating infected waste and standard waste to be further disposed of correctly and safely.

Koh Samui Hospital is to take intensive measures in accordance with the situation, to prevent and control the spread of the Covid-19 virus and to make the public safe.

Remember – Stay at home, do not to go out in a crowded area, apply self-distancing from one another, wear a mask and keep those hand clean!

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