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Koh Samui Staff of distinction – meet Pradap Chaidete from the Tongsai Bay

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Koh Samui Staff of distinction – meet Pradap Chaidete from the Tongsai Bay | Samui Times
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Very few people who live in or visit Koh Samui feel disappointed with the superb array of culinary experiences to be had on the island. No matter what your tastes and preferences there are few things as enjoyable as a superb meal in the company of family or good friends in one of your favorite restaurants and, when you are given exceptional service, the experience is even better.

Khun PraDabThe Samui Times are always on the lookout for really good service and recently, during a visit to the fabulous Chef Chom’s restaurant at the Tongsai Bay resort we were treated to exceptional service from a young man who clearly has a passion for his work, pays great attention to detail and has such a charismatic personality we wanted to thank him publicly for making our evening extra special.

Pradap Chaidete, or Superdup, as he has been labeled by General Manager Lisa Kenny, is most certainly one of the shining stars of the catering industry. During our visit we were so impressed we later decided to find out a little more about him.

Pradap was born and raised in Patatung and told us that he grew up in a farming community that did not offer him the kind of career path that he was interested in and 22 years ago he decided to seek opportunities in Koh Samui.

When he arrived on the island he took a job with a family who had a bungalow in Maenam where he served breakfast, lunch and dinner. The family had a small bar where in the evenings people from the outside world would come and drink and talk. The bar was the first place that Pradap was given the opportunity to learn to speak English, and he was very quick to learn. From here he furthered his experience when he landed a job at the Amari hotel where he continued to learn.

We asked Pradap what he found the hardest to learn on his career journey, he told us “I changed jobs to be a barman at a fast pace resort bar and initially found it so very hard to remember all the recipes and keep up in pace, that was very stressful for me until I learnt the recipes by heart.”

His journey then took him to the Tongsai Bay thanks to his brother who worked there as a Butler for many years, and it is clear that this was a great move for Pradap who really loves his job. When we asked him what it is that he loves about it he said “Seeing my efforts make people happy makes me happy – I smile and the guests smile, the guests smile and I smile, it is contagious and makes me feel good”.

These days this hardworking man’s family is based in Nakorn Si Thammarat which is not far once you are on the mainland so he is able to visit them every four months taking with him his very own brand of magic that we are sure lights up their lives in the same way he lit up our evening.

We would like to thank Pradap very much and wish him a long and happy career that he absolutely deserves for being top on our Samui staff of distinction list.

You can find out more about Chef Chom’s and enjoy the photographs of our evening by clicking here.

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