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Koh Samui Staff of distinction – meet Saliya Sitsumruay from Silavadee Pool Spa Resort

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Koh Samui Staff of distinction – meet Saliya Sitsumruay from Silavadee Pool Spa Resort | Samui Times
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The Samui Times are always on the lookout for staff of distinction. Very few people who live in or visit Koh Samui feel disappointed with the superb array of culinary experiences to be had on the island. No matter what your tastes and preferences there are few things as enjoyable as a superb meal in the company of family or good friends in one of your favorite restaurants and, when you are given exceptional service, the experience is even better.

aomOne lady who gives superb service, goes way over and above what is expected of her, has been delighting hotel guests for over three years and has a well deserved spot on our Staff of Distinction list is Saliya Sitsumaruay, the restaurant supervisor at the prestigious Silavadee Pool Spa Resort.

Aon as she is known to her friends is from Nakhon Si Thammarat, she arrived in Koh Samui almost eight years ago in the hope of finding a lucrative career on the island. Her search took her to the Sand Sea Resort where she found a passion and enthusiasm for hospitality rarely seen anywhere on the island.

It is hard to describe quite how much energy Aon puts into her role as Restaurant Supervisor at Silavadee, however the fact that she views her working days as the best way possible to spend a day off, might give you some indication of how much she loves being at work, a concept most of us would find very hard to grasp.

Aon, as well as a beaming, winning smile has something of a photographic memory. This charming, incredibly well groomed young lady only has to serve a customer once and their tastes, favorite dishes and even how they take their tea and coffee is then indelibly engraved into her mind. It may be the following day she has the chance to show off her skills in personalized service, however it may even be years, often when customers return to the Silavadee they stand in awe at the fact she has remembered their names, where they come from and what they like to eat and drink, and more often than not which room they stayed in on their last visit.

Aon is at her best serving breakfast, the busiest time of the day for the Silavadee restaurant staff. She works diligently with confidence and organizes proceedings with precision and pride, leaving nothing to chance and letting her skills and experience lead the way. Having remembered the conversations she had the previous morning with her guests, she makes everyone feel special as she enquires as to how their trips went and asks about the small details most people would have trouble remembering from one conversation, let alone the dozens she has each day of her working life.

Aon is also good at recognizing the passion for hospitality in others and has taken many staff with little or no experience, but the drive that she has, under her wing and has helped them, learn, grow and excel and provide the kind of service of which her team can be proud.

Her passion however does not stop when she leaves the restaurant. Aom can turn her hand to just about anything. During the preparations for one annual event at the hotel, that required more than sixty candles with a reputation for going out, she was discovered after her shift had finished in the engineers room where she had designed and produced holders for each and every one made from water bottles and other bits and bobs, it had taken her two hours of her own time and she loved every second and the result was sixty candles that do not go out!

It is no surprise then that Aon has won Employee of the Month three times and has won guest recognition awards two years in a row and that she is an integral part of a 160 head team and loves every second of it, “they are like my family” she told the Samui Times, “I love working here, I enjoy working far more than having a day off, I love meeting the guests, talking with them, serving them and making them happy, it makes me happy and I never want to stop”.

GM Mr. Conor O’Leary told the Samui Times “She is our shining star, and when she gets into her zone there is not stopping her no matter how big the challenge, our guests love her and I have seen her in tearful farewells with them on many occasions, and equally tearful reunions! I am so pleased she has been chosen for your Staff of Distinction because she really is an exceptional lady who deserves the recognition.”

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