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Koh Samui Things To Do |Koh Samui’s Cute Food & Bubble Tea Culture!

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Koh Samui Things To Do |Koh Samui’s Cute Food & Bubble Tea Culture! | Samui Times
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I have never been a tea or coffee fan. I might have had an espresso or cappuccino once a week when I stayed back in South Africa but I would never ever drink tea, i just never connected with it.

For about three weeks I forced myself to drink green tea but that was purely for the health benefits, nothing more and even that only lasted a few weeks.

Amongst about a gazillion other things I noticed after living in Thailand, one of them, hands down is their obsession with cute food and bubble tea.

Just like the Mexicans have their Taco’s , South Africans have their braai’s, Americans their burgers and Britz their traditional tea, the Thai’s love cute food and bubble tea.

Thai’s put a massive amount of effort and creativity into their food, more so than many of the other cultures iv’e across. In addition to this, they absolutely love sugar! Just imagine the possibilities when the two combine…

new blog 5Mango & Colored Sticky Rice. THB 70.

This was one of my first Thai “puddings/desserts” or sweet dishes that I tried after arriving here. Initially I was skeptical because as a westerner we normally associate rice with savory foods. Rice and chicken, rice & mince and rice & fillet work but the idea of sweet rice had me intrigued. From the moment I tried it my head was blown, the sticky rice, mango, condense milk and coconut milk just work together and form the most amazing happy family of incredible taste! The sweetness of the mango and coconut and the texture of the rice call for one of the most interesting deserts in have ever had!

Jack Fruit & Colored Sticky Rice. THB 70.Thai’s love sweet tasting dishes, sure, ped ped (spicy spicy) is popular but sugar and coconut milk is added to pretty much every single dish and Jack Fruit & Colored Rice is no exception. In fact, this is the dessert I would recommend after any of those ped ped dishes or for the few westerners that have a nuclear sweet tooth! Again, the combination of the sweet fruit, the coconut milk, condense milk and the texture of the rice just go hand in hand as though it was meant to be!

Khamkhrk (Coconut Milk Sweet) THB 20.

Served on a freshly cut banner leaf, Khamkhrk is my personal best market food of choice. Myself as well as every single Thai I have ever met goes wild for it! The texture is rubbery but the taste is from another planet! new blog 2Coconut is the dominating flavor but then they cook it up with all kinds of other small treats such as Corn, Sweet potato, Taro, Onion etc. My favorite little trick is to also buy 100% pure Coconut icecream and eat the two together.

Coco & Ovaltine Mix Pan. THB 50.

Introduced to me by my very own lill Thai champion Lalita and I have never looked back. Whenever you see the word “pan” next to the tea you know that it’s the smoothie version of that tea. So its all blended together in a thick, fresh, freezing cold shake, served in a huge container with the worlds thickest straw. Coco & Ovaltine is delicious, fresh and amazing. Your getting all the taste and sweetness of chocolate from the Coco but with the traditional taste of Ovaltine. The two compliment one another intensely and there is simply no other drink for a scorching Samui’s never ending summer days!

Cha Keaw Pan. THB blog 3Keaw in Thai means green. So Cha keaw is green tea but don’t for a second get confused and think this tastes even remotely similar to traditional green tea. There is no connection at all. The taste is a combination of strong aromatic herbs combined with the freshness of coconut and the sweetness of sugar made into a freezing cold shake. Not great for the waste line but so addictive that even after living here for over two years I still think about it almost every day but force myself to only enjoy them it with my Sunday cheat meal!

Cha Yen Tea. THB 50.Come Sunday its always a tossup between Cha Keaw or its younger brother Ch Yen. Directly translated, Cha Yen simply means cold tea but the feeling you get after taking your first sip is somewhat unworldly. Every single one of our friends and customers have commented on this drink after trying it. Made from strongly brewed Ceylon tea, Cha Yen tea is slightly sweeter than Cha Keaw, served freezing cold and with a straw is the perfect complement to Chicken Cashew Nut or something slightly spicier like Pad Ka Paow.

Thai Bubble Tea. THB 50.My entire inspiration for writing this post came from the fascinating love that Thai’s have for cute bubble tea. When I say that love it, I mean this really is a culture down here. There are shops and not just one or two but many shops that are always busy that only sell Thai bubble tea. School girls by the dozen walking out of school, delivery guys on their bikes and couples walking holding hands and in love, everybody loves stopping by for a quick, sweet, bubble tea! Also known as Purl Milk Tea, the tea is either fruit based or milk based and the bubbles are jelly. The tea itself tells the story and there are many many different types of teas, aromas and bubbles available for many many different types of tastes! The texture of the rubbery jelly and the cold fresh tea work wonders together and I’ve often new blog 4though about introducing this concept to the western world!

So much has changed in the last two years, and my obsession with Samui’s cute food & Bubble Tea is one of them 100% I love living here, I love the fact that each new day is an adventure all on its own and I love that I learn at least two new things every single day!

What has been your experience been with cute food & bubble tea in Samui? Have you also found it addictive? Any questions you have send me a mail or send your question below and I will reply with greatest experiences on the subject!

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