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Koh Samui’s first Covid-19 case – timeline of infection

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Koh Samui’s first Covid-19 case – timeline of infection | Samui Times
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Koh Samui Hospital administrators hosted a press conference yesterday after the first infected patient was found in the island – a 49 year old French man, living in the Koh Samui area, who had been making frequent trips to France.

The timeline for the detection of infection of the Covid-10 Virus, for the French man, is as follows…

March 17 -When travelling back from France, the patient had already begun to start feeling tired and weary. He claims that he was always wearing a mask to protect himself. A source confirms he sat at the back of the plane from Paris to Suvarnabhumi Airport and then continued on to Koh Samui.

On arrival, with worries about possible infection, the French man decided to stay in a different home as his family for self-isolation, minimising the spread of infection.

March 19 – The man started getting a cough along with other side effects, such as having a runny nose. He continued to self medicate using drugs his wife had previously bought in their homeland of France. But his symptoms didn’t improve.

March 24 – After days of severe illness with no relief from any over the counter medicine, the man finally decided to visit a doctor at a private hospital, to report his coughing, runny nose, fever and trouble breathing. The doctor performed an X-ray. Instantly the doctor found abnormalities in his lungs. He sent the patient straight to Koh Samui Hospital.

March 25 – Test from the Department of Medical Sciences found that he was indeed infected with Covid-19. Koh Samui Hospital then moved the patient into a sterile room to rest and receive treatment according to the current standards of the Medical Division.

The French man’s wife and 2 children have been inspected and appear to have no symptoms of being infected but remain very cautious.

It has been reported that on his flight to Thailand from France, there were 13 other passengers on the same plane as the infected French citizen. An official report has been made to the Department of Disease Control, in order to coordinate with the airline to request the list of the 13 additional passengers on the flight, to monitor their symptoms.

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