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Koh Samui’s first Covid-19 case

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Koh Samui’s first Covid-19 case | Samui Times
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BREAKING NEWS – The Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak has now reached Koh Samui.

Today, Koh Samui Hospital staff announced their first Covid-19 case on the island with fears that there could be more undetected.

The infected man is a 49 year old French citizen, living in the Koh Samui area, who regularly travelled back to France. Most recently he had just returned from France on March 17. Once arriving back to Thailand he started feeling sick up to March 24, when he decided to see a doctor who conducted an X-ray of his lungs and found that they were” abnormal”. He was then sent to Koh Samui Hospital.

The hospital staff tested the man and the results showed up positive with the Covid-19 virus. Since then the hospital has provided standard treatment with medication and monitoring of symptoms.

Officials also reported that the infected patient had come into close contact with 3 other people. However, the 3 people, since tracked down and tested, have shown no signs or symptoms of the virus.

It has been reported to The Department of Disease Control, that there were 13 people flying on the same plane as the infected man from France who are now being followed up and investigated.

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