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Koh Tao rape claim: Big Joke press conference today amid claims of “no DNA” whitewash

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Koh Tao rape claim: Big Joke press conference today amid claims of “no DNA” whitewash | Samui Times

The national police chief Gen Chakthip Chaijinda and Immigration chief Maj-Gen Surachate Hakparn will hold a press conference today to announce the latest in the inquiry about the alleged rape of a 19 year old British woman on Koh Tao.

But as Thailand’s most senior policeman and the darling of the media known as “Big Joke” prepared to meet the press the mother of the victim is claiming a whitewash.

The Samui Times printed a story quoting her as saying that she feels let down by the Royal Thai police, the British metropolitan police and the British Embassy.

She allegedly claims the British joined in a whitewash for “diplomatic reasons” and said the case “will not go away”.

The Samui Times’ editor is wanted by the police for what they say is spreading fake news over the alleged rape.

The story from the online news organisation on the neighboring holiday island claims that police will announce that no DNA was found on a shirt brought back from England after a police team went to interview the alleged victim in London.

The mother of the alleged victim is Sarah Baxter, though she was not named in the Samui Times. Thaivisa has repeatedly tried to ask her for comment in the past without success.

The Samui Times said she felt let down by the Thai and British authorities “aiding a corrupt system for diplomatic reasons”.

She questioned what was the point of going to the UK if the police had made up their minds – Maj-Gen Surachate had visited Koh Tao and determined that due to tides and other evidence she could not have been in the place she said she was.

There was also a big world cup football match on at the time and the resulting police presence and that of other tourists was high and it was felt someone would have seen the incident, reported the Thai media.

The mother allegedly reaffirmed: “Our daughter was spiked robbed and raped on Koh Tao – this will not go away”.

Arrest warrants are out for the editor of the Samui Times and the owner of CSI LA for publishing fake news.

They are both believed to be abroad. The editor also may counter sue, as was reported on their site.

Twelve people were arrested by the Thai police for sharing the stories.

The press conference will be held at 10 am today, reported Thai media.

The Thai media did not give any indication as to what they were likely to say regarding the alleged rape.

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Koh Tao rape claim: Big Joke press conference today amid claims of

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