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Krabi man shot through the head hangs onto life

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Krabi man shot through the head hangs onto life | Samui Times
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A Krabi man survived being shot in the back of the head with the bullet exiting through his eye socket, said police in the southern Thai province.

The victim’s father found him on Saturday morning lying in a pool of blood behind his house. He had been there all night, reports Daily News.

man survives gunshot woundThirty three year old Wanchai Kuyukham is fighting for his life after being transferred to Krabi hospital.

Klong Tom police who were called to the victim’s lodgings at a palm oil plantation found an overturned and damaged Honda Wave motorcycle that belonged to the victim and a lot of blood behind the house. There were signs of a struggle with food scattered all over.

Wanchai’s father Manop, 50, came to see his son Saturday to go to work together. Getting no response at the house he went out back and found him shot but still alive.The bullet from an as yet unknown calibre gun had entered at the back of the head and exited through his right eye socket.

Initially taken to Lamtap hospital he was later transferred to Krabi due to the severe nature of his injuries. He is not yet out of danger of dying.

Manop said his son had been drinking alcohol with a close relative the previous night.

Police said that they suspect he was later out on his bike but was chased back to his house by two men on another motorcycle. Wanchai crashed in front of his house before running out back where he was shot. They thought his assailants believing him to be dead then fled the scene.

Investigations continue.

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