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Krabi police duped by social media hoax

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Krabi police duped by social media hoax | Samui Times
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Provincial police yesterday were on high alert after receiving a tip-off in the form of video clip shared in the social media about a gold shop robbery in progress.
According the clip, the robbery was taking place at the unidentified gold shop located in the market of KhlongNua district.
The clip was circulated in Line and Facebook applications.
Krabi Police chief Maj General Nanthadet Yoinuan said police became aware of the clip early in the morning, prompting the alert.
Subsequent checks found there was no robbery in Khlong Nua or other districts.
The clip, lasting 37 seconds, depicted four gunmen who were clearing out the gold jewellery. It appeared like being recorded by CCTV.
Nanthadet said he suspected the clip was doctored to portray the incident as happened in Krabi although the actual footage was about the crime which happened years ago in the Philippines.
Police are investigating to uncover the identity of the person or persons who doctored and uploaded the false information on the Internet, deemed an offence under the computer crime law.
Krabi police issued an announcement reminding the public to stop sharing and circulating the clip. The forward of false information on the Internet is punishable offence.
Krabi authorities said computer users should be mindful of activities which they might see as innocent pranks.
The spread of false information might be perceived by some as amusement but it could be harmful to many, they said. Krabi economy is dependent on tourism revenues and any hoax designed to create a scare is deemed detrimental to the confidence of tourists.
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